Marid Industries is a 100 percent privately owned custom manufacturing business based in the Canadian Maritimes. We are able to do about 6,000 tons of structural steel per year and are capable of taking on structural steel jobs up to 1,500 tons.


Marid is a full-service contractor unlike many companies in the structural steel business. Marid is a fabricator as well as a construction company with ample engineering capabilities. At Marid, we are used to dealing with both owners and general contractors.

Marid is able to reduce costs for clients through standardized design elements. Under the Nova Scotia private-public partnership agreement, Marid has been involved in the construction of no fewer than 25 new schools. This innovative construction program produced substantial savings in on-site construction costs over traditional methods.

Integrity and trust explain success, a success that has resulted in continued strong relationships within the Industry. Marid is also price competitive, while consistently aiming for zero project deficiencies.

“The Marid expectation” is a company credo that drives our workforce. It incorporates the principles of safety, quality work, and customer satisfaction. The Marid expectation is unmatched in all three areas. By industry standards our employee turnover rate is very low.

Our workforce encourages us to challenge them. The production facility is never more abuzz than when a complex new project has been assigned. Refitting the canal locks in Canso Strait involved removing the massive doors and then replacing them to within a tolerance of 0.007in. The elegant curving double staircase in the QE II hospital in Halifax required extremely detailed planning and exacting stainless steel finishing work. The precision installation of complex heavy-duty machinery is an industry-recognized Marid specialty.

Marid personnel have all the necessary skills to handle complete structural steel requirements-from the preparation of conceptual drawings to detailed final drawings; from detailed costing to buying and organizing materials; from manufacturing to getting the product shipped on a timely basis; from planning and executing the construction work, to installing machinery and finally, all the necessary back office work such as accounting, project cost control, and monthly financial reporting.

Flexibility is a key Marid quality. No matter what the finished product-a simple utilitarian warehouses, a modern school, or a complex finished public space-the required skill sets are available with the Marid Industries organization.