Project: Farmer's Market
Location: Halifax, NS

Early in 2013, the Halifax Port Authority started a campaign ‘Make it Your Market’ asking people who frequent the Market for their suggestions on ways to improve it. They hired Breakhouse Architecture to bring the suggestions to one idea. Breakhouse’s design was to remove the existing center stair and totally revamp the area creating a new entrance and two new stairs combined with bleacher seating.

In that same year, Halifax Port Authority awarded Marid with an interesting miscellaneous metals contract. The design was a complicated combination of steel, wood and glass. Marid worked closely with Breakhouse Architecture and the Halifax Port Authority to detail the steel that frames the new stair and bleachers as well as the stand-up bar on the mezzanine above. Marid had to do some thinking outside the box to achieve the final look that was desired, like the wide plates that held the glass guard in place. We needed to make it strong enough yet allow for replacement of the glass panels as required, all while keeping the connections as visually minimal as possible.

Marid prides themselves in providing to their customers the type of attention to detail that was required to provide the recessed steel plate supports for the different thicknesses to maintain a consistent rise and run as required by code. As we often do, Marid was working with a tight deadline to complete the stairs in time for the arrival of the first cruise ship of the summer season. The Halifax Farmers Market has been around since 1750. The venue was moved to the Halifax Seaport in 2010. It is the longest running Market in North America and hosts over 250 vendors.

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