Sales and estimating are primary functions at Marid Industries Limited. Marid continuously monitors and analyzes the market place in order to maintain competitiveness and to seek out new opportunities. Working with all of the various departments within the organization, Marid’s Sales and Estimating team is aware of organizational strategic planning and budgeting requirements as well as being conscious of customer service and satisfaction. Repeat business is an important element of the sales formula at Marid Industries. Through building and maintaining strong relationships based in integrity and respect, Marid is committed to providing its clients with exceptional service.

Estimating follows the guidelines set out by the sales team. Our Estimators consider all of the processes of the work that is bid on which can include engineering costs, drafting costs, material costs, fabrication costs and erection costs. Estimators work closely with the various departments within Marid as well as clients in order to develop a realistic plan based on the size and complexity of the project. Marid’s Estimators bid on all types of projects in the structural steel and miscellaneous metals market ranging from “pre-designed” tenders to “design-build” projects. Marid’s Estimators are committed to utilizing new technology, accurate historical data and valuable feedback from subject matter experts in order to provide accurate and realistic pricing and planning for our clients.