Project: St.Mary's Atrium
Location: Halifax, NS
Customer: aecon213

In 2008, Marid took part in creating the Atrium (a 43,000 sq ft structure) for Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Marid worked closely with the general contractor and structural engineer to detail, fabricate and erect the project as well as to bring the architectural vision to life.

The natural features of the building, a 3 storey living bio-wall (first of its kind in Atlantic Canada) and massive continual skylight, create a relaxing atmosphere for the students and faculty. The structure boasts a curvilinear steel stair which created a unique fabricating challenge that was no problem for Marid. It also displays the raw uniqueness steel can bring to a structure.

This project met LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design)standards. In 2011 the project received a CISC award for the Atlantic region and Marid is pleased to be associated with the project.

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